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photo by Maria Porsch
For my entire life, film and the moving image has played an important role in my emotional and psychological development. My first childhood memory is of being taken to watch Disney's Snow White at the local movie theater, and ever since I have been fascinated by the form and content of cinema. I made my first video project at the age of 16 and ever since I have been working with increasing passion, productivity and awareness, on a range of personal and commercial projects.

After graduating from Kingston University in 2006 with a 1st Class BA (hons) in Film Studies, I moved to Vienna, Austria, where I gained experience working on a variety of different projects. By 2008 I was working fulltime as a freelance editor and motion graphics artist. In March 2009 I started doing regular broadcast spot production for the Vienna-based music TV station GOTV.

In October 2010 I returned to the UK in order to attend the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University. There I discovered a passion and aptitude for digital compositing. I graduated from the NCCA with an MA with Distinction.

I am currently working as a Roto and Paint artist at Framestore.

I am also greatly involved with the performing arts community. I have worked with jugglers and circus performers, theater groups, musicians, and dancers, using my experience with video to help expand, support, and promote their art. In particular my work is well known and respected within the international juggling community.

This website is my
portfolio; a collection of commercial, personal, and school projects on which I have worked since 2008.


"David has the rare combination of talents of the technically brilliant editor, the creativity of an artist and the cool-headed subjectivity of a director. David delivers on time and to budget. He is accommodating, personable and reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend David J Nolan as an editor of choice for your next project."
     Dave Knox, Flame Oz

"David quickly put me at ease with his generous listening. His creative input sealed the deal for me. He was extremely flexible with my (urgent) timeline, highly productive and responsive - an absolute delight to work with. I'd not hesitate to work with him again, or recommend him to anyone."
     Ian Rhett

"I have worked together with David on several projects. He is creative, ambitious and reliable. His will to learn and to improve himself is exemplary. All these things make it easy to work with him and the result can be seen in every single project. Absolutely recommendable!"
     Gerry Miller, Motionlab

"It was a pleasure working with David. He knew what we wanted and he brought a lot of his own creativity to the table. His creativity and skills can be seen in every frame of the video."
     Christian Genzel, Ghost Light Productions

"David J Nolan's feeling for rhythm & tension curves creates engaging visual performances. Perfect for promotional purposes. His work is the 'secret' of Fenfire's media appearance & success."
     Sebastian Berger, Fenfire

"It is an enormous happiness to work with David."
     Asli Kisla, Das Kunst

"Working with David was a good because he is polite, really makes an effort to understand what you are after and wants you to be happy with the end piece. I recommend his work and will be using again."
     Brendan Pyatt, Umi

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