Alfonso Cuarón‘s space epic Gravity won 7 Oscars at last night’s 86th Academy Awards. Cuarón picked up the prestigious award for Best Achievement in Directing, and the film was awarded 6 technical achievement prizes including, most importantly, the award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects, just as the VFX Predictinator predicted.

Pictured left to right, Framestore‘s visual effects supervisor Tim Webber and CG supervisor Chris Lawrence, along with animation supervisor David Shrik and special effects supervisor Neil Corbould shared the award.
Everyone at Framestore is very excited and proud of the contribution that we made to Gravity, and pleased to see Tim and Chris awarded for their amazing work.

Gravity Oscar Wins:
Best Achievement in Directing
– Alfonso Cuarón
Best Achievement in Cinematography
– Emmanuel Lubezki
Best Achievement in Film Editing
– Alfonso Cuarón
– Mark Sanger
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
– Steven Price
Best Achievement in Sound Editing
– Glenn Freemantle
Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
– Skip Lievsay
– Niv Adiri
– Christopher Benstead
– Chris Munro
Best Achievement in Visual Effects
– Tim Webber
– Chris Lawrence
– David Shirk
– Neil Corbould